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goPilates Membership FAQs

Dec 17, 2021

goPilates FAQsYou may have some questions about our Pilates Membership System at goPilates or if you’re currently a member, want a bit of a refresher!

Our team are all on hand to answer any questions you may have but please take some time to read the FAQs here, where we have aimed to address all your potential questions and concerns. 

If we haven’t answered your question here, please speak to our team or email 


How do I get started with Pilates? 

We always start with a 30 minute 1-2-1 session. This makes sure we can screen you for any injuries, find out what you’d like to achieve from Pilates and teach you the basics so that you can get the most from your classes. 

The 1-2-1 session costs £59. This includes the 1-2-1, a pair of Pilates socks and your first month of classes. When you’ve had your 1-2-1, our reception team will be able to advise which classes have spaces, so you can be registered in your preferred class. 

From your 1-2-1 session, your instructor may recommend that you’re not quite ready for a class yet and may suggest some further 1-1 sessions to gain more from the classes long term. These can be booked in at any time throughout the week. 

After your 1-2-1, you will be sent an invitation to join the membership, sign up to our online class management system (Team Up) and sign up for your monthly Direct Debit. 

When will my first Direct Debit payment be taken? 

Your first DD payment will be taken a month after your first class. Payments are always taken a month in advance. So, if you have your 1-2-1 in June, your first month of classes will be included in your £59 1-2-1 fee and your first DD will be in July, for the next months classes. 


Why do you operate with a membership system and not pay per class? 

Pilates is a form of exercise, like most, where the best benefit is gained from practicing regularly. We want you to get the most from your classes and from over 10 years of teaching have found that having that regular commitment of a regular, weekly class will help you get the best results. With busy lives, it’s all too easy to dip in and out and something else becomes a priority over yourself. So, having a regular class that you’re committed to helps support you to invest time in yourself for your health and wellbeing. 

Over the years, we’ve also learnt that our Pilates attendees really value having a space in their regular class. It forms part of their weekly routine and strong friendships are formed with other attendees. When it came to having to re-book, people were fearful of loosing their space and had the worry of not missing booking deadlines or remembering to pay when it is done termly. Having an automatic payment system addresses all this and makes it easy and hassle free.

Are classes run all year round? 

We run classes 50 weeks a year, with a 2 week break over Christmas. So, your membership will include 50 classes a year, which works out on average 4 classes a month (50/12). Even though we are closed for 2 weeks in December, as there are some months of the year which are 5-week months, you will not loose out on this classes over the year, in fact on average you will have the opportunity to attend more than 4 classes a month, as your membership includes 5 classes a week (so you can attend extra classes in 4 week months, see next question). 

How many classes can I come to a month with my membership? 

Depending on your chosen membership (1 or 2 classes a week) you will have 5 or 10 classes a month. That means in a 5 week month, you will be registered for 1 class a week. In a 4 week month, you will be registered for 1 class a week, but you can book in an additional class in that month as an extra if you wish. 

What else is included in my membership? 

As a member, you will also receive unlimited access to our library of online, pre-recorded Pilates classes. This means you can do extra classes at home in between your classes! You will be sent an invitation to access our online classes once you’ve signed up for your Pilates membership. 

Some months are 4 week months and some are 5 week months, how does that work? 

Over time, it balances out. Some months you will get 5 classes and some months you will get 4 classes scheduled. With your membership, you always have 5 class credits a month, so in a 4 week month, you can book an extra class! Classes are run 50 weeks a year. 

It’s no different to a gym membership, children’s swimming lessons, dancing lessons or other payment schemes, where you pay a monthly fee. 

On such occasions (when we are closed for bank holidays), you will still be able to ‘make up’ your ‘missed’ class that month and we will put on additional classes to increase capacity for make ups.

What if I want to do 2 classes a week? 

We offer special discounted rates for 2 classes a week. This can be 2 mat classes or a mat and Reformer class. 

What if I can’t come to a class one week? 

If you are unable to come to your regular class one week, it really helps if you can let us know. This serves 2 purposes. Firstly, it means the class credit is put back on to your account, so you can make it up at another time. Secondly, it frees up a space for one of your fellow Pilates members, so that they could book the space as a make up class. We need a minimum of 6 hours notice if you can’t make a class for the credit to be put back onto your account. Less than 6 hours notice will mean you loose your credit for that class. 

What happens if I want to cancel my membership? 

You may terminate your membership at any point by cancelling your direct debit with your bank, allowing 3 to 4 working days for the bank to action this. 

If I cancel my membership, can I rejoin? 

Yes, certainly. You can re-join at any time by contacting us and letting us know what class you’d like to join. If there is a space, we’ll send you another DD set up email invitation, which you’ll need to complete. We are unable to reserve any spaces in a class without an active membership, so are unable to guarantee a space in your original class. 

Can I freeze my membership? 

No, we do not offer the option to freeze membership. However, if you are unable to attend Pilates due to extenuating circumstances such as a prolonged illness, surgery or personal reasons that you’d like to discuss, please email or discuss your situation with your Instructor. We will be happy to review individual circumstances on a case by case basis. 

Can I set up my DD by phone or in writing? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this as an option as direct debits are regulated and must be set up by the individual. Setting up your DD online provides the most secure option for you (no credit card is required). It requires you enter just 6 pieces of information online in a very simple and easy to follow format: 

  1. First name 
  2. Surname
  3. Email address 
  4. Sort code 
  5. Account number 
  6. Postcode 

The details are entered directly onto the secure GoCardless site and goPilates do not have any access to any of your personal or banking details. It isn’t ‘online banking’ and is a fully secure site. Your payments will be fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. 

If we were to introduce paper or phone set up options, we would have to retain paper copies of your information in order to meet financial regulations. We felt that this option was far less secure for you and not necessary in the modern age! 

If you aren’t confident setting up your DD online, we’d be more than happy to assist you at the clinic, please let us know. 


What should I wear to Pilates? 

Wear something comfortable, that you can move easily in. It is required to wear socks in the studio, ideally with grips on. You can purchase Pilates socks at goPhysio if you don’t already have some. 

What are the classes like? 

Classes are really small, maximum 6 per class. This means you will get lot’s of individual attention and guidance to help you get the most from classes. The classes last 45 minutes and will include a warm up, a series of Pilates exercises in various positions (may include standing, lying, sitting) and some stretching. 

Your Instructor will walk round the class and offer you individual corrections and adjustments to ensure you are doing the Pilates exercises correctly. 

What if I want to move classes? 

If you find you need to move classes because of the day or time just drop us an email to We can see what classes have spaces and arrange for you to move your regular class. Your DD payment can stay in place, no changes will have to be made. 

Will there be classes running over the Summer and Christmas? 

Yes, we will be running the same regular class timetable all year round. The only times that there will not be classes will be on bank holidays, when the clinic is closed and for 2 weeks at Christmas. We will put on extra classes to provide additional availability for make up classes on bank holiday weeks.Classes are run for 50 weeks a year, but as your membership includes 5 classes a month, you will have opportunity over the year to attend all the classes included in your membership.

What happens if goPhysio have to cancel a class because of severe weather or Instructor illness for example?

We will do our best to avoid cancelling classes whenever we can. In the unfortunate event of us having no option but to cancel a class, you will be able to make up the cancelled class at any time and additional classes will be put on to increase availability for make up classes to accommodate. 


How do make up classes work? 

Make up classes are in place for occasional use. If you are unable to attend your regular class, we offer for you to make up your missed class at another time. Make up classes will need to be taken in the same calendar month as your missed class. Make up classes are subject to availability. So that the system works for everyone, if you know that you are unable to attend your regular class, it is appreciated that you give us as much notice as possible. This way, your space can be offered as a make up class for someone else and then, when you might need to make up a class, there is more chance of a space being available if we already know someone can’t make it! Make up classes will only work if we are informed that you are unable to attend. 

How much availability is there for make up classes? 

As long as you let us know that you aren’t able to attend your regular class, there should be plenty of spaces available throughout the week for make up classes for everyone. To facilitate this, we run the entire timetable at below full capacity. This provides available spaces throughout the week. Once the classes are nearing capacity, we will add an additional class to the timetable. 

Can you guarantee a space in a make up class? 

Unfortunately not. All make up classes are subject to availability. There will always be space available in a choice of classes every week for you to make up your missed class, however, we can not guarantee that the available days or times will be convenient for you. 

Can I carry over a make up class to the next month? 

No, make up classes have to be taken in the month of your missed class. They can not be carried into the next month. Therefore, please plan ahead – if you know that you will be missing your regular class at the end of the month, please make this class up in advance. 

What if I don’t attend the make up class I put down? 

Unfortunately, if you have booked a make up class and you fail to attend this class, you will lose that make up class. It can not be booked for another time. 


What if I am going on holiday? 

If you are going on holiday, you will still have the opportunity to ‘make up’ any missed classes (subject to class availability). The only change is that any make up classes will need to be made up within the calendar month of the missed class(es). This means if you are going away towards the end of the month, make up the classes before you go away. If you are going on an extended holiday, to guarantee your space in your class when you return, you will need to continue to pay your monthly DD membership fee. The alternative option is to cancel your membership and re-join on your return. However, you will risk losing your space in your regular class, as spaces can not be held open. 

If you are due to be away for 3 or more consecutive weeks, we offer an extended make up class system. In this instance, you will have 3 months in which to make up your missed classes, the month before, the month you are away and the month after. So, if for example you are away for 3 consecutive weeks in June, you will have May, June and July in which to make up your missed classes. If for example you are away 1 week of September and 2 weeks in October, you will have August to November to make up your classes. You will just need to make sure you inform us in advance that you are going to be away for an extended period. 

Can I freeze my membership if I’m going on holiday? 

Unfortunately, because class sizes are limited and we have waiting lists for many of the classes, we are unable to freeze memberships. 

I’m going away for 3 weeks in the summer or my Children are on school holidays, so I can’t come over the summer, what options do I have?

There are 2 options you can choose from:
1. You can tell us you are going to be away for 3 or more consecutive weeks and we will make a note of this on our class record. You will then be given an extended period over which you can make up your missed classes, to include the month before and month after your missed classes. So, if you are away in August, you can make up your missed August classes in July or September – this allows amble time to make up these classes so you don’t miss out. 

2. Your DD payment is totally in your control. You can cancel your monthly DD for the month that you won’t be attending Pilates. All you need to do is contact your bank, allowing at least 4 working days before your DD payment is due, and they will cancel your DD. We will be notified that your DD has been cancelled and take your name off of the class list for the following month. When you’d like to re-start Pilates, just get in touch – either drop us an email or call reception. We’ll confirm which classes have spaces and allocate you a place in your preferred class (subject to availability). You’ll then receive an email invitation to set up a new DD and you can re-start Pilates. It really is very easy! If you choose this option, we won’t able able to guarantee that you’ll get a space back in your regular class, but if you’re flexible with classes you may prefer this option. 


Will classes be running on bank holidays? 

No, the clinic is closed on bank holidays, so there will be no classes running on bank holidays. In the weeks where there is a bank holiday, we will be putting on additional classes on other days so that you can ‘make up’ your missed bank holiday class. We will communicate about extra classes being put on via a monthly Pilates email. 

My regular class is on a Monday, what happens to the missed class on a bank holiday? 

You will be able to make up that missed class on another day or time. You can choose a class from the regular timetable or from one of the extra bank holiday make up classes we will put on. As per our make up class policy, the make up class will need to be taken in the same calendar month as the bank holiday. 


What happens if I’m unwell and can’t make a class? 

If you are unwell and unable to make your regular class, you can still make up the class as usual (see above). Please provide as much notice as possible so that you don’t loose your class credit. A minimum of 6 hours notice is required for cancelling a class.

I’m injured or unable to attend for medical reasons, what happens then? 

In the case of medical reasons, we will look at each situation individually. Please discuss your situation with your instructor or email and we will review your situation and get back to you. In situations where there is a valid medical reason we can review your membership. 


  • GoCardless is a leading provider of direct payment solutions. All payments taken via GoCardless are protected by The Direct Debit Guarantee. 
  • The Direct Debit Guarantee is the Direct Debit scheme’s customer protection. The Guarantee protects customers against payments made in error or fraudulently, making Direct Debit the UK’s safest payment method. With this guarantee in place, in the case of any incorrect or fraudulent payments, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund from your bank. 
  • GoCardless is used by more than 25,000 businesses, and uses military grade encryption to keep your details safe. It’s a bit like Paypal – fully encrypted and secure, and no money can be taken without your authority for each payment. 
  • goPhysio will not hold any of your banking information.

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