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I’m worried about starting or getting back to Pilates

Sep 8, 2021

It’s September! For many of us that means new routines, back to school, back to the office and maybe some time for YOU again?

And what better way to invest in both your body and mind than Pilates!

It’s been a turbulent 18 months and exercising, classes like Pilates, normal routines and habits have changed considerably. Plus, we are still living under the shadow of a global pandemic. So, it’s certainly not unusual to be a little apprehensive about classes, whether you’ve been before or not.

We’ve been getting lot’s of questions about our classes and many recurring themes, so we thought it would be helpful to share some of these common concerns to help you feel more comfortable about getting into the studio!

I’m worried about joining a group exercise session and how safe it is with regards COVID? 

As we run a ‘clinical’ environment, we naturally have exceptional standards of cleanliness and hygiene. This has been stepped up since COVID and we’ve maintained this with our studio. All our equipment is cleaned thoroughly between classes. We also have a number of other measures in place to help maintain a safe environment, these include:

  • A maximum of 5 participants per class to maintain social distancing
  • We are continuing to ask people to wear masks to make sure everyone feels comfortable and so that our Instructors can move around the class providing valuable feedback and adjustments to help everyone get the most from Pilates
  • We have great ventilation, with windows that can remain open and circulated air conditioning to help ensure a good flow of air

I have been attending Pilates classes at goPilates for several years now. I started Pilates as I had damaged my coccyx in a fall & I also have arthritis.The difference that Pilates has made to my life has been amazing. The instructors are not only excellent teachers ,they are also kind & caring. Nothing is too much trouble for them. I really missed the classes during lockdown, although the online classes were really helpful.Now I’m back in class ,catching up with old classmates again& it’s GREAT.

You join goPilates & you join a family.

I’ve never done Pilates before and am worried about starting something new 

This is really common, people wonder what it is (despite hearing a lot about it’s benefits!) and aren’t sure what to expect. We aim to make it really easy and welcoming for you. We always start with a 30 minute 1-2-1 session, where you have the opportunity to meet an Instructor, chat more about Pilates and what you’d like to achieve and practice some of the fundamentals. This really helps prepare you for a class.

As the classes are so small (just 5 maximum), the Instructor can keep a really close eye on you and help and guide you as and when you need it – no big halls of 20+ people!

Friendly, helpful and professional, personal service. I have found the physio and pilates to be so useful. They go above and beyond to help. Pilates classes are excellent. 

I’m worried everyone will know each other! 

Our classes are really friendly and supportive, they really become a social aspect of many peoples lives! We appreciate it can be daunting walking in to a studio of people who all look like they’ve been coming for years! Don’t forget, everyone started somewhere and they can remember exactly what it’s like and help make you feel welcome.

I have been coming to goPilates for several years now and it’s a welcoming place, a comfortable environment where you can learn and practice Pilates at your own pace with a good team of instructors.

Pilates challenges your body like nothing else. It strengthens your core, looks after your back and keeps your joints moving. The classes at goPilates are small so you get a really personal service. I have an ongoing back problem and I find that Pilates helps to alleviate the pain and strengthen my back. The instructors know you and they know how to help with recuperation and strengthening. It’s great for mental health too!

It’s the one thing I have kept at exercise-wise and something where you see results very quickly, whether it’s in flexibility or muscle tone. It’s a great studio with a personal touch. I have recently joined the Reformer Pilates Class in addition to mat Pilates and I would encourage everyone to have a go. Overall goPilates has lovely instructors and a supportive, friendly group atmosphere in class. Highly recommend.

I have an old or recurring injury and I’m not sure whether Pilates is right for me? 

Pilates is PERFECT for you! Particularly given the fact all our Instructors are physio’s or Sports & Rehab Therapists, so you’re in great hands! The 1-2-1 Pilates Induction before you join a class is a great opportunity to discuss any old or recurring injuries. These can then be factored in to your class and exercise adjusted if needed.

Given that Pilates is a whole body exercise, that can be adapted and tailored for all levels and abilities, it is a great way to help a whole range of conditions, such as back pain, arthritis, recovery after having a baby or general aches & pains of ageing.

Want to get started? We have 18 classes a week! To get started just give us a call on 023 8025 3317 to book your Pilates Mat Induction, or click here to book online. The induction is £59, which includes your first month of classes & a pair of Pilates socks!

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