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Clinical Mat Pilates Classes

Mat Pilates is a great way to enjoy Pilates, for all ages and abilities. Our small, friendly, supportive group sessions with our experienced Clinical Instructors help you get the most from doing Pilates, whatever your goal.

From our light and spacious onsite studio in Chandlers Ford, you can join our small group mat Pilates sessions, with classes run throughout the week, with a choice of days, times and Instructors.

Who are Clinical Mat Pilates Classes for?

Everyone could benefit from taking part in Pilates.

The exercises can be adapted for all ages and levels of fitness, whether you’re recovering from an injury, pregnant, retired or a competitive athlete. If you tend to suffer with recurrent back or neck pain, taking part in regular Pilates can really help.

In fact, it’s a great way to ward off or help recovery form many injuries as it really focuses on muscle control, movement and developing strength and flexibility throughout the whole body.

If you’re looking for a gentle, yet challenging, progressive form of exercise to help add life to your years, look no further than Pilates! 

Mat Pilates is particularly great for helping:


People with ongoing or recurrent back or neck problems


Long term musculoskeletal pain and conditions such as arthritis


Athletes and regular exercisers, such as runners, who want to learn how to move well and efficiently, wanting to improve their sporting performance


Pro-active individuals who want to enhance their physical durability and prevent musculoskeletal injuries


Anyone who wants to improve their strength, stability, co-ordination and balance


Rehabilitation following an injury


Improve posture and postural awareness

What does a Mat Pilates class involve?

All of our mat Pilates sessions at goPhysio are ‘Clinical’ Pilates.

This gives our Pilates service a unique edge, as the power of Pilates is combined with expert knowledge and experience that all of our Clinical Instructors have, in how the body works, movement science, injury and recovery.

All of our Instructors are graduate Physiotherapists or Sports & Rehabilitation Therapists, who have completed extensive Pilates training with World leaders in clinical Pilates, the APPI.

During our mat Pilates classes, you will work through a series of exercises, aimed at working your ‘core’ muscles. Exercises can be on the mat and in standing and may involve the use of small weighted Pilates balls, ‘magic circles’ and resistance band to add interest, variety and challenge to your class. All of our courses are progressive and encourage you to develop at your own pace.

Our classes are small, a maximum of 6 participants, so you always have close supervision and ‘hands on’ guidance when you need it to help make sure you get the most from the classes.


We offer a regular monthly membership for our Pilates sessions, which guarantees you a space in your preferred class(es) every week plus unlimited access to our online classes. We also offer an annual membership, with 2 months free.

If you’d rather more flexibility, we also offer PAYG Mat Pilates classes, so you can buy and book individual classes week by week. You can book and buy classes online here. Each class is £19.50. (Please note, you will still need a Pilates induction prior to coming to a class at goPilates.)

goPilates Mat Classes

1 Mat class / week

£79 / month (£790/year)

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Pilates studio Chandlers Ford

2 Mat classes / week

£149 / month (£1490/year)

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1 Mat & 1 Reformer class / week

£199 / month (£1990/year)

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Guaranteed space in your chosen class every week


A regular, easy to manage monthly Direct Debit 


Classes 50 weeks a year


5 (or 10) classes a month, depending on your membership package


A ‘make up’ class system, whee you can swap one of your regular classes for another class
that month


Manage your studio classes online through our online class management service


Full access to online Pilates classes


Members only offers throughout the year

Getting Started

1.Before you join our mat classes, whether as a member or PAYG, it is essential that you have a Pilates Induction. In this 1-2-1 session we can get to know you, discuss any injuries you may have and find out what you want to achieve through Pilates. 

2.Book your induction by calling us on 023 8025 3317 or book online here (choose Mat Pilates Membership Induction).

3. Take a look at out current timetable so you have an idea of what class or classes might suit you before your induction.

4. Come along for your induction. This 45 minute session costs £59. 

5. After your induction, we’ll get you all signed up for your regular class or classes, which you can manage online.


What exactly is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. It was developed in the early 1900’s by the German born, Joseph Pilates, who believed physical and mental strength were closely connected. Pilates can be done as part of a class or on a 1-2-1 basis. There are lots of classes to choose from – some are mat based and others may use specialist equipment.

How do I choose where to do a Pilates class?

There are lot’s of different types of Pilates and classes to choose from, such as Reformer, Fitness Pilates, PiYo and mat Pilates. If you’re new to Pilates a good place to start is a mat based class. This is the bread and butter of Pilates and the basis on which all other Pilates is built. We progress our mat classes from beginner through to advanced at a pace that suits each individual.

If you’ve had an injury who better to teach you than a qualified Physiotherapist or Sports and Rehabilitation Therapist. We integrate all our knowledge and experience into the classes to make sure you progress at the right pace, are challenged appropriately and don’t risk re-injuring yourself. It’s almost like having access to ongoing, group physiotherapy.

You may also want to consider how many people are in the class. The key to Pilates exercises is the quality of the movement. To gain benefit you have to do the exercises correctly. Smaller classes enable the instructor to give individual guidance. We’ve actually had people come to us after suffering an injury by doing Pilates incorrectly in a large class. At goPhysio, we never have more than 5 people in our classes, so you get lot’s of support, attention and guidance. 

Why do I need to have a Pilates induction before I start a class?

If you haven’t already seen us at goPhysio and want to join our studio classes, you will need to come and see one of our Pilates Instructors before you join a class. This is essential so we can screen you for any injuries or particularly weak areas, find out exactly what you want to achieve by coming to Pilates and teach you the basics before you start. This is commonplace for any Clinical Pilates classes. This 30 minute appointment will really help you get 110% out of the classes.

Our induction package includes a 30 minute 1-2-1 Pilates session, a month of Pilates classes (1 mat class/week) and a pair of special Pilates socks. 

How do your classes differ from those at my local gym or village hall?

There is no regulation in the Pilates industry, so training and qualifications can vary hugely. The benefits of Pilates are truly realised when the exercises are done correctly, paying attention to the quality of movement and finer details. To acheive this, your instructor needs a deep understanding of anatomy and how the body works. Who better to do this than a qualified health professional with specilaist training and knowledge of human movement! 

Our classes are really small, so you won’t be laying amongst another 10 or 20 people wondering what to do! Our Instructors will really get to know you and be able to fully adapt exercises for you as an individual. 



goPilates is fantastic. The reception team are lovely and helpful whenever you need it. I love doing pilates. I really feel that it is making a difference and supporting my health needs. Pilates classes are small which makes you feel warmly welcomed and part of the community. It means that your instructor can spend quality time with each person and really check that you are doing things correctly. It also means that if you are unable to complete a certain exercise then the instructor will take the time to find an exercise that does work.