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My Personal Pilates Story, Fiona

Jun 14, 2021

How Pilates helped me Reformer FionaI truly think that everyone would benefit from having Pilates in their life! What I particularly love is that anyone can do it, any age and any fitness level, and it can be adapted to help specific conditions or abilities so easily

For me in particular, Pilates helps with some long-standing, niggly injuries, aches and pains that I have. I’ve had some hip and pelvis issues ever since I had my first child. If I do Pilates regularly, the issue disappears. If I have a break from Pilates, it gradually creeps back. I find that doing Pilates exercises regularly helps to strengthen my troublesome hip area and almost ‘switches on’ some muscles that sometimes need reminding to work!

I’m a big Pilates Reformer fan, it’s such a great workout and adds such variety and both challenge (or more support) to the different Pilates exercise.