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My Personal Pilates Story, Francesca

Jun 14, 2021

My Personal Pilates Story, Francesca

Before starting pilates I was never very flexible, and my family always laughed at how I couldn’t touch my toes or stretch my hamstrings without bending my knees!

I have always been active and enjoyed taking part in lots of different sports, mostly team sports but never any Pilates or yoga. When I was given the opportunity to train as a Pilates instructor I was really excited to learn about a different type of exercise. It has enabled me to become more aware of my own body, picking up on issues before they become a problem.

My core strength has improved, helping with a previous back issue that had been ongoing from a netball related injury. My flexibility and mobility have improved as well, it almost feels like I am living in a new body! Pilates also really helps me to switch my busy brain off from everything else that has been going on throughout the day and gives me time to properly breath and be in the present moment.