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My Personal Pilates Story, Sheena

Jun 14, 2021

Sheena Pilates goPilates

Hi, I’m Sheena, one of the Sports Therapist’s and Pilates Instructor’s here at goPhysio / goPilates. 

My Pilates journey has only started this year. I wanted to start teaching and performing Pilates, using physical activity to help my own mental health amongst other niggles that I have. I am a big believer in exercise is medicine, for both physical and mental ailments. 

The past year has been a struggle for a lot of people and Pilates has been something I have tried to keep routinely in my everyday life. Now, especially that we are back to group pilates, its somewhere to go where you can focus on how your body/mind is feeling (IN THE NOW) and socialise at the same time. 

It helps me to de-stress and focus on myself for 45 minutes, rather than the constant over thinking that tends to rule my life. The breathing and stability exercises work best for me in pilates, these help me unwind. I would truly recommend pilates as an exercise which is suitable for everyone whatever the ailment!