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Pilates Exercise of the Day: Leg Pull in Prone

Jul 14, 2021

We regularly like to share with you a different Pilates exercise to practice and focus on, as recommended by one of our Pilates Instructors. Today, Francesca recommends Leg Pull in Prone.

This is a great exercise  which works many different areas of your body. These include your shoulders, abdominals and will also help to increase the stability and strength through your wrists. It is a surprisingly hard exercise to master however, it can be broken down into smaller exercises. First off practice hovering your knees off the mat and then progress to transferring your weight forward into the plank position. stock image plank pilates Start position: On your hands and knees. Knees directly under hips and hands slightly forwards of your shoulders. Elbow joints soft. Head and neck lifted in alignment with your spine. Spine long in a ‘tabletop’ position, centre engaged. Now place your hands further forwards on the mat, keeping the knees directly under the hips. Curl your toes under to rest on the balls of your feet.

  1. Breath in to prepare.
  2. Breath out, hover your knees off the mat. Then glide your upper body forwards and lower your pelvis to form a long plank position.
  3. Breath in and hold the long plank position.
  4. Breath out, lengthen your left leg away from the body, allowing it to lift off the mat into alignment with your trunk.
  5. Breath in and replace your left leg to resume the long plank position. Repeat alternating legs.
  6. Then, breath out and glide the upper body backwards bringing your hips over your knees. Then lower your knees to the mat.


  • Imagine a harness suspended from the ceiling lifting and supporting your pelvis.
  • Imagine that the trunk is buoyant and is lifting upwards out of the shoulder joints to avoid sinking into the ribcage or shoulders.
  • Keep the elbow and knee joints soft.

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Enjoy this month’s exercise! Francesca, Sports Therapist & Pilates Instructor