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Pilates Exercise of the Day: Side Kick in Kneeling

Jul 14, 2021

We regularly like to share with you a different Pilates exercise to practice and focus on, as recommended by one of our Pilates Instructors. Today, Rosie recommends Side Kick in Kneeling.

“This exercises is a great progression of side kick in laying, it helps to engage the core and gluteal muscles working them in an abducted position against gravity. I like this exercises because it also challenges core and shoulder stability.”

  1. Start in high knelling. Have your knees hip-distance apart. Be long through the spine and neck. Arms long beside the body.
  2. Breath in to prepare.
  3. Breath out and shift your body weight onto your right hand and knee, keeping your spine long.
  4. Simultaneously, lift the left leg to the side at hip height, bringing this leg into alignment with your trunk.
  5. Aim for horizontal alignment of the head, next, trunk and uppermost leg in this position.
  6. Place your top hand at the back of your head or on your hip.
  7. Breath in and hold the side kick position.
  8. Breath out, glide your top leg forwards from your hip joint. Maintain the side lick position.
  9. Breath in, glide your top leg back in alignment with your trunk.
  10. Repeat 3 – 4 slow kick movements while maintaining the side kick in kneeling position.


  • The underneath hand, and knee should form a straight line.