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Pre & Post Pregnancy Pilates

Anyone who is currently expecting or has recently had a baby can benefit from Pilates. As you progress through pregnancy your body goes through many different changes with some areas being stretched, strained and in some cases overused.

Pilates is a great form of exercise to support your body through these changes. Pilates exercises will help you to strengthen each muscle group and restore correct posture and alignment.

The exercises can be adapted for all stages of pregnancy and can be used to help you return to full strength post-partum.


Our Pre and Post Pregnancy Pilates sessions are all 1-2-1, rather than class based. They can be booked at a time and frequency to suit you. Each session lasts 45 minutes. 

Pregnancy Pilates

Pre & Post Pregnancy 1-2-1s

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Pre Pregnancy Pilates Class

6 x45 min classes £90

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Who is Pre & Post Pregnancy Pilates for?

Whether you’re newly pregnant, just started maternity leave or recently had a baby, Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise!

It gives you a sense of awareness and understanding of your body and provides strength, power and relaxation through gentle, guided exercises.

Pilates is great, whether you’ve sailed through pregnancy or are suffering with the commonly associated aches and pains. It really is for everyone!

We offer mainly 1-2-1 sessions, so they are designed to be focused just around you and your individual needs. They are led by one of our specially trained APPI Ante & Post Natal trained Pilates Instructors, who are also either a qualified Physiotherapist or Graduate Sports & Rehabilitation Therapist, so you’re in the best hands!

We also offer specialist group sessions or you have the option to progress on to join one of our regular classes when the time is right!

Pilates is particularly great for helping:


Provide strength and stability around the pelvis area


Improve posture and postural awareness


Reduce stress and anxiety, giving you the time and opportunity to focus your mind on engaging your core and using your muscles through exercise 


Provide support throgh feding positions, lifting and carrying your baby as they grow 


Aid relaxation through breathing techniques, which will help you focus your attention and aid a sense of calmness and relxation 


Maintain and strengthen your pelvic floor assisting your delivery and post natal recovery 


Ease common pregnancy relates aches and pains, like sciatica, pelvic and back pain 

What does a Pilates session involve?

All of our Pilates sessions at goPhysio are ‘Clinical’ Pilates.

This gives our Pilates service a unique edge, as the power of Pilates is combined with expert knowledge and experience that all of our Clinical Instructors have, in how the body works, movement science, injury and recovery.

All of our Instructors are graduate Physiotherapists or Sports & Rehabilitation Therapists, who have completed extensive Pilates training with World leaders in clinical Pilates, the APPI.

During your 45 minute 1-2-1 Pregnancy or Post Pregnancy Pilates session, you will work through a series of exercises, aimed at working the key muscles around your back and pelvis. You can book these as often as you like. 

Exercises can be on the mat, supported and in standing and may involve the use of small weighted Pilates balls, ‘magic circles’ and resistance band to add interest, variety and challenge. Because the sessions are 1-2-1, they are totally focused around you and your individual needs. 

You can book the sessions whenever they suit you and this provides ultimate flexibility rather than being tied to a regular class, which may not suit you or you many not feel up to attending weekly. 


What exactly is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. It was developed in the early 1900’s by the German born, Joseph Pilates, who believed physical and mental strength were closely connected. Pilates can be done as part of a class or on a 1-2-1 basis. There are lots of classes to choose from – some are mat based and others may use specialist equipment.

What are the benefits of doing Pilates in pregnancy or after I've had a baby?

There are so many benefits from doing Pilates at this time! Because so many changes are taking place in and around your pelvis and back area, Pilates is a great way to focus in on these areas and help provide targeted strengthening, stability and mobility, depending on what you need. 

The exercises also incorporate breathing techniques and work on your arms and legs too, so is also great preparation for labour, delivery and early motherhood.

If you’re suffering with or have suffered with specific pregnancy related issues, such as back pain, pelvic pain or sciatica, Pilates can be a great way to ease and recover from these particular issues. 

I've got certain areas of pain, can I still do Pilates?

Pilates can be a really great way of helping many of the commonly associated pregnancy conditions such as back pain, pelvic girdle pain and sciatica. 

Because all our sessions are 1-2-1 rather than class based, you have the individual attention and support of your Instructor. They can therefore tailor the exercises specifically to your needs, which will really help you individually. 

Why are the sessions 1-2-1 and not classes?

There are a few reasons why we’ve decided to only offer 1-2-1 Pilates for Pre and Post Pregnancy.

We’ve run classes in the past, but found that in this busy modern day, it’s really difficult to find a day and time that suits a group of people. Some are working, others not and there are always so many other committments to fit around. 

By offering 1-2-1 sessions, you can book them at a day and time that suits you and that are totally flexible. 

We also found that pregnancy and early motherhood can be unpredictable. You may not feel like going to a class every week,  things come up and situations change, so again, the 1-2-1 sessions provide more flexibility. 

Most importantly though, we want this to be a special time for you – time for you to be able to focus on yourself and your body. We want to be able to provide individualised exercises and programs that are tailored specifically to you and your goals. So, by having 45 minutes totally dediated to you, we can do just that!


goPilates is fantastic. The reception team are lovely and helpful whenever you need it. I love doing pilates. I really feel that it is making a difference and supporting my health needs. Pilates classes are small which makes you feel warmly welcomed and part of the community. It means that your instructor can spend quality time with each person and really check that you are doing things correctly. It also means that if you are unable to complete a certain exercise then the instructor will take the time to find an exercise that does work.