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Rosie: My Pilates Reformer Journey

Jul 14, 2021

Rosie Castle Reformer Pilates goPhysioRosie has recently completed her APPI Reformer Pilates training. She shares a few of her thoughts here on why she embarked on the training and what she loves about Reformer.

“I wanted to continue my pilates training journey by doing reformer training as it adds new outlook on pilates and a great follow on from the Matwork series.

The training was over 3 weekends and they were all equally challenging on the brain and the body! I would be lying if I said I didn’t ache for a few days after each weekend. I found it interesting to find out how different it was from the mat-work series. It’s also great to see how beneficial it can be for patients and their rehab journeys not just from returning from injury. It opened my eyes as a useful tool for patients recovery journey.

The reformer is very good at picking things up when you’re not doing it correctly. So there is no way of cheating! It’s surprisingly difficult in what seems the easiest of movements. I like that the reformer equipment gives you extra resistance to work with and can be adapted depending on what area of the body you need to work on.

In a very simplistic way, the reformer helps you fine tune your muscles and not just the big muscle groups. It’s like mat-work pilates with more resistance, so can make you work harder. The reformer can be seen as an extension of mat-work and they work well together, especially for injury prevention and rehabilitation.”

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