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Welcoming you back to The Studio!

Apr 25, 2021

It’s the news you’ve all been waiting for, the Studio is welcoming you back!

Over the last 15 months, we have not been able to run in-studio Pilates classes apart from a month or so in Autumn 2020. Although we have continued to help so many people with our online Pilates, we can not wait to welcome you back to the studio! Nothing beats hearing the laughter, chatter and feeling the energy from the people attending our classes. We are extremely proud of the Pilates service we developed, growing from 2 to over 20 classes a week and just about to launch Pilates Reformer classes, when COVID hit. 

As we approach the next stage in the roadmap, the 17th May is monumental for us, as classes are able to re-start! We are taking a slow and cautious approach to re-starting classes. We want to ensure that we create something that is sustainable, is COVID-Secure in the immediate and longer term future, and that harnesses our Instructors specialist training, knowledge and skills, so that each and every person can get the most from doing Pilates. 

Our Pilates memberships and classes are going to look a little different to pre-COVID and much like everything else, we’ve had to adapt and reorganise the daily running of the clinic and our studio. We’ve kept our members at the forefront of our mind and have changes in place which we hope you can understand are in place for a reason.

What will in-studio Pilates look like from 17th May? 

  • We have carefully considered the latest Government advice and have decided that class sizes will be a maximum of 5 participants per class. This means that compared to pre-COVID, class sizes will be more than halved. It is likely that this will be in place for some time. This provides enough space for distancing between participants, to ensure we maintain the safest possible experience. Before Christmas lockdown, the members that had returned to our studio classes found the smaller classes with increased personal attention highly valuable and we would like this extra guidance to continue. Our classes will also stay at 45 minutes, due to extra cleaning and social distancing measures we’ve put in place.
  • We will launch classes to start on 17th May with a streamlined timetable. Some people may still not be confident coming back to the studio, so we are starting with a small timetable, which we will expand as demand increases. This means that spaces in classes will be limited initially. goPilates Studio Timetable
  • We now have a more flexible timetable. To cater for busy working lives, we’ve always found class levels in previous timetables a little restricting so now, all classes will be of mixed ability so you wont feel confined to one day or time. With smaller numbers in each class, our clinical instructors will have more time to tailor the exercises to suit everyone in the class; no matter your previous experience or path within your Pilates journey. Places in classes are limited but we are looking to introduce a phased timetable and will announce further classes once our first set are full and will review re-introducing levels in the future. This also means there will be much more flexibility for you to pick your regular class and any make up classes. 
  • As a direct debit paying member, you’ll still have the same guarantee of a place in your preferred class each week, with the option to cancel and rebook on a monthly basis with our unique ‘make-up system’. You can still manage all your classes online via TeamUp as before. You will also have access to over 100 pre-recorded classes on our new website (previously on Yondo), as part of your In-Studio membership. This is to help you get the most out of goPilates with extra classes at home in your own time. We will be holding classes 50 weeks a year, with a break over Christmas and New Year.
  • We will be stopping live stream Zoom classes for now whilst we re-launch the in-studio classes. The live online classes will continue to run as normal until the new timetable is launched on 17th May.
  • One area of feedback we received in the survey was regarding masks. We think its more beneficial for you to gain those individual corrections with the instructors so for now, we kindly ask that all class attendees comply with wearing masks, rather than no masks and your instructor unable to walk round.
  • As part of your membership, you will have unlimited access to our pre-recorded online Pilates classes. This is a great way for you to get more from Pilates, as you can do extra classes at home whenever you choose! 

Membership Costs 

Now that our class attendee numbers have been more than halved and will be for the longer term, we definitely didn’t want to double your previous direct debit payments. There is a slight increase of 20% to memberships costs to cater for less attendees, extra individual attention per class and the added on-demand benefits included.

Our special introductory rates for existing and previous Pilates members are:
1x Mat Class a week: £72 a month
2x Mat Classes a week: £138 a month
1x Reformer Class a week: £120 a month
Combo 1 Mat & 1 Reformer a week: £180 a month

These are special introductory prices for current or previous members who sign up by 14th May. After this date, membership rates are as follows:
1x Mat Class a week: £79 a month
2x Mat Classes a week: £149 a month
1x Reformer Class a week: £129 a month
Combo 1 Mat & 1 Reformer a week: £199 a month

Pilates Online

Along with the re-launch of our new in-studio Pilates, we are excited to announce we have a new online home for everything Pilates, and a little makeover! Through our new goPilates website, you’ll be able to manage your in-studio classes, access online classes and find lot’s of Pilates related news and information! 

Next Steps

Returning to Studio classes

We can’t wait to have you all back in the studio so if you’re ready to return to classes, have a look at our new timetable and reply back to this email with the following details:

  1. Your chosen membership you want to start from 17th May (1 mat, 2 mat, 1 Reformer, mat & reformer combo)
  2. Your top 3 choices of a guaranteed weekly class(es) from the timetable

Don’t forget to email us by Friday 14th May to receive the introductory membership rates. 

You’ll then be emailed your updates via TeamUp and your direct debits will be adjusted accordingly. If you had previously cancelled any direct debit mandates with us, you’ll receive a further email from TeamUp requesting that missing bank details be completed.

We’ll do our utmost to cater for you all on a first come first serve basis. Should these first set of classes become full quicker than we anticipate, we’ll launch a few more classes. Remember, all classes will be of mixed ability.

Online On Demand Classes (Yondo) 

If you previously had membership to our online, on demand Pilates classes (via Yondo), all these classes have now moved over to our new website. You will need to sign up for a new membership here. If you previously had Yondo membership, you should be receiving an email from us with a special discount code to say a big thanks for joining our online classes and re-joining the new system. If you don’t receive this discount code from us, please drop us an email and we’ll send it over! Online, on demand remains at £29/month. Details of how to sign up and access the new online classes can be found in our goPilates Online Guide.

Anyone who joins the In-Studio classes, will automatically be sent details of how to access the online classes as part of their studio membership.

Unlimited Online Live Pilates 

If you currently have an Unlimited Online Pilates membership for our Zoom classes, this will expire on 16th May automatically. If you are coming back to the studio, you will have full access to all the pre-recorded online classes included in your membership.

We aim to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone. So, if you need any help, have any questions or aren’t sure what’s next, please do get in contact.

We look forward to welcoming you back very soon!